Google wants your site to be mobile friendly!

21 April 2016 • 2 min read

In case you haven’t heard yet, last year Google started changing some search results rankings based on whether or not a site was mobile friendly.  All other things being equal, a mobile friendly site will rank higher in the results than a non-mobile friendly site.  In March, an article published on the Google Webmaster Central Blog indicates that starting in May, mobile friendliness will have an even bigger impact on your rankings in search results.

NitroSell web stores can be made mobile friendly in two ways.  If you are on our early adopters version or older then you need to have the NitroSell mobile template enabled for your site.  The mobile template presents a user interface that improves the user’s experience on a mobile phone and meets Google’s requirements for mobile friendliness.  If you are on our Beta version, you can use the new responsive template.  Donogh announced the release of the responsive template in a blog article last month “Responsive Design for Integrated Shopping Cart”.

Here is the Google article is “Continuing to make the web more mobile friendly”.

The NitroSell team is always there to help.  If you have any questions, contact me or any member of the NitroSell team.