Form Builder in Nitrosell

14 May 2015 • 2 min read

Sometimes you need more than what kind and number of widgets a customer wants to buy. Sometimes you need the shopper to give you information and asking them to email you or phone your store is a sure-fire way of losing that customer. The answer, of course, is to include web forms in your web store in such a way that the shoppers natural flow through your site isn’t interrupted.

WSM_FormBuilder-150x150NitroSell has added a new interface to the Web Store Manager (WSM) allowing you to add web forms of your own design to almost anywhere in the store.

A form can be included in a static page or, alternatively, this new functionality can be used to add forms to product pages allowing the shopper to explain exactly how they want their item customized. This has been covered in the article entitled Single form Product Customization.


Though you could always insert a html form into static pages using the page content editor, this new method makes it possible to add a form without having to know how to code HTML. It allows you to save the form and recreate it multiple times throughout your store and best of all, when you update your form in the WSM interface, the form updates where-ever you have inserted it, you no longer have to trawl your pages looking for hard-coded forms!

In both instances the form is created through the WSM interface and included in a page template with a NitroScript tag {printForm("FORMNAME")}. The how-to-do this is better explained in a series of article that can be found here in the NitroSell Forum.

WSM_formField-150x150When the shopper fills out the form and submits it, the form contents are emailed to the store (or other specified) email. When associated with a product page this only happens when the shopper actually completes the checkout process.

To ensure that you get the information you require and that the user is not in any way confused by the forms requirements you can set validation on the fields ensuring that the data submitted is what you are looking for.

Happy form building!