Give customers the power of AI-fueled product discovery with FACT-Finder, the smartest way to the best products.

The #1 Site Search Solution of 2021

FACT-Finder is a leading search and personalization solution for e-commerce. They leverage the power of AI in their proprietary technology to deliver a powerful search solution that can be added to your WebSell webstore.

FACT-Finder helps retailers increase by 20-33% with their site search solution. WebSell has partnered with FACT-Finder meaning integration between the two technologies is smooth and efficient. Contact them directly or talk to us about integrating their solution to your webstore.

Product discovery through AI

Transform your site’s search solution. FACT-Finder uses the power of AI and machine learning to predict what your customers are looking for. This means bigger baskets and more revenue.

More personalization

Anticipate customer needs and predict what they are most likely to buy. You can customize search for each user to show them preferred brands, colors, prices, or categories. Personalization is the future of e-commerce. We can take you there.

Increase revenue

FACT-Finder’s engine detects frequent links between products and automatically displays the most relevant purchase recommendations, increasing your average order value. Configure your integration to upsell alternative products that lead to bigger revenues.

Retail success

Conns Cameras has successfully integrated FACT-Finder into their webstore as has been using them to return better searches and more revenue for many years. Read their full WebSell and site search success story.

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