SEO Optimized

WebSell webstores are fully SEO-optimized to give your store the best chance at success. SEO-friendly URLs and Google-approved site structure gives your business more organic traffic.

Search Engine Optimization for E-commerce

WebSell uses a number of well-recognized, safe techniques to ensure your webstore’s content is optimized for search engines.

That means you get more traffic and sales simply by having your store connected yo your product inventory. You can also manually edit SEO options like meta tags and descriptions for your individual pages.

Search engine friendly URLs

WebSell webstore URLs are “friendly” to both search engines and end users. Relevant keywords are included in every URL including department, category, product, and content page URLs.

Only one version of a URL is provided to reach each page, meaning you get a better rankings for your pages.

Optimized page titles and H1 tags

The page title is the text displayed at the top of your browser window, and is also displayed as the link name in search results. The (h1) heading tag is the main heading displayed on a web page. We automatically generate both the title and heading tags to ensure they correlate and are representative of the content on the page.

Alt attributes for product images

Search engines don’t fully understand the content contained within images, so WebSell makes use of alt attributes in product image tags. This ensures search engines associate the images on your site with content relevant to what you’re selling.

Meta tags

Meta tags are HTML tags used to describe the content of web pages. Your WebSell webstore automatically generates and inserts tags into department, category, and product pages. Two types of meta tags are generated – keywords and description tags – and they are populated with relevant data synchronized from your point-of-sale system.

It’s also possible to populate additional keywords using the Product Attribute Manager (PAM).

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