Feature Spotlight: Updates to the MailChimp Integration

20 September 2011

Please note: this article only applies to those who uses MailChimp as their mailing list provider and this update is only available on BETA and V5.

A tenet in security is that you restrict access to your accounts to only those that need access.
At the moment NitroSell has your MailChimp account credentials, so that your webstore can automatically subscribe and unsubscribe shoppers to your mailing list. In order to tighten their security, MailChimp is disabling the ability to use your credentials to access their API. Instead, you will need to grant limited access to us by supplying an API key.
They are implementing this change over the next few months, after which they are withdrawing the existing access. In order for your webstore to continue to be able to talk to MailChimp, your will need to follow these instructions.

Six simple steps:

  1. Browse to https://admin.mailchimp.com/account/api-key-popup You will be asked to login to your MailChimp account. Once logged in you will get the screen shown below:
  2. You need to copy the digits highlighted in red and enter it into the appropriate option in the WebStore Manager (WSM);
  3. To do this, login to the WSM, go to Configuration, then WebStore on the left, then select the Customer tab;
  4. Click Enable MailChimp Integration (4th item on the list);
  5. You are going to enter two items: your API key and the existing mail list in the format apiKey/MailingListName;
  6. Remember to click on the save button!

That’s it! You can change your MailChimp password to anything you please without telling us and your webstore will still have the access required to do it’s magic.
Addendum: It is very important that when you add MailChimp integration, you ensure that Constant Contact (the alternative mail integration found just above the MailChimp integration) is SWITCHED OFF!
Further information can be found on the Knowledge Base.