Feature Spotlight: The New Template Editor

27 January 2014

The new year kicks off in style and we are pleased to announce the release of our new template editor.

It comes with a rich set of features, such as NitroScript syntax highlighting, and is also customizable. The below image illustrates it.

Figure : An overview of the new template editor

Underneath the editor is located the status bar, which, as before, indicates the current line and character of the cursor. In this case, it can be seen that it is at the first line and the 20th character. The status bar also tells you the total number of lines and characters contained in the template you are currently editing.

The NitroScript and the HTML keywords are highlighted. Like before, the template is scrollable.  At the top of the page is the options menu which enables you to customize the layout of editor. These options include the theme of the editor where you can choose between a dark and a bright themes,

the font size of the code snippets, the key binding you would like to use, whether you want to see the invisible characters such as line feeds or tabs, the line numbering that is displayed at the left of the editor, whether you want to see a line margin that indicates if you have exceeded more than 80 characters per line, and whether you want to make use of soft tabs. The key bindings enable you to use shortcuts from any popular editor you may be familiar with. We cater for the Vim editor as well as Emacs.

We automatically save any preferences you have specified, so that the next time you open the editor, they are restored. (This is a per webstore set of options.) The default keyboard handler comes with a host of shortcuts which are summarized below:

– Ctrl + F ( or Command + F for Mac users): opens a search box at the top right of the editor

– Ctrl + H ( or Command + H for Mac users): opens a search and replace box at the top right corner of the editor like previously

– Ctrl + L ( or Command + L for Mac users): enables you to jump at a given line number

– Ctrl + D ( or Command + D for Mac users): enables you to remove the current line

Questions / Comments / Feedback

This feature is currently only available on the Beta channel of the WebStore.

We hope you find this new feature useful. Should you have any questions, or if you encounter any problems, please feel free to contact our Customer Services team through live chat, or by support ticket, on our Partner Portal.