Feature Spotlight: Simplify Customer Reorders with Order History

10 September 2010

Order History has been an established feature in NitroSell eCommerce for some time now, but customers may be missing out on the benefits because they don’t know it’s there or how to use it.

If your customers regularly place repeat orders, or need a reminder of previously ordered items, then the Order History facility will be invaluable to them. It keeps a record of every previous web order and list the items purchased. This does not only apply to the obvious “grocery” type items but can apply to a wide range of markets that some of our retailers specialize in like sports accessories, pet supplies, health supplements, or hobby supplies.

Once a customer creates an account or logs in to the webstore, the “My Account” link will appear in the Account Holders box.

This will take the customer to a list of options. (Please note: Lists and Registries, as shown below, are only available on the Professional Edition.)

Clicking “Order History” will show all previous purchases made and list them by date. Here’s an example of previous order:

The customer need only click “Reorder” to place the same order, saving them the effort of finding products one by one. Changes can be made to the number of items needed by adjusting the “Quantity” fields, or individual products can be removed by setting the quantity to zero (0). If there are other items needed with the order, they can be added by clicking “Continue Shopping”. Alternatively, clicking “New Search” will take the customer back to the list of orders.

Don’t give your customers any excuse to shop elsewhere! Make sure they know they know they can access order history to make repeat orders easier. Highlighting the benefits of viewing order history through an information link or tab on your site will help draw attention to its uses  rather than just relying on the customer to find it on their own.

The easier it is to place an order, the more likely a customer is to do it!