Feature Spotlight: Re-capture Missed Opportunities

7 June 2011

New Report – Customers Who Have Registered But Not Purchased

Abandoned baskets can present missed revenue opportunity for e-commerce retailers.  NitroSell has recently added a new report to help our retailers reach out to their customers who, for whatever reason, have decided not to proceed with their purchase. We now capture the details of customers who registered but did not purchase. See example below:

Registered but not purchased

If desired, you can select any customer from the list to reveal their contact information, send them an email or, perhaps if you’re on the phone with the customer, to login to their account and guide them through the sale.

login as a customer

Capturing this information will enable the retailer to contact the prospective customer to invite them back to your site or perhaps gain critical feedback that may help drive future conversions. Was the issue shipping costs, stock availability or similar issue? Reaching out to otherwise-lost customers may provide insightful information to help improve the purchase experience and may even rescue lost sales.

Enabling an Auto-Email Response

We have also added an automatic ‘abandoned cart’ email response that is sent to all registered customers that have added items to the basket but did not complete the purchase.

Abandoned Basket email

If a registered customer has started an order and then abandoned it, having an automated solution means that retailers can target all potential lost sales and understand why their customers are leaving without completing their transactions in the first place.

The Abandoned Basket auto-email feature is currently in our Early Adopters branch of software. Simply raise a support ticket if you would like to upgrade to Early Adopters to use the feature. It complements two of our other recent checkout updates: