Feature Spotlight: Persistent Filtered Search

13 February 2012

Consumers want to quickly find products in your store without roaming aisles and making wrong turns. Online shoppers are the same way and won’t hesitate to browse to another site if they can’t easily find products on your webstore. NitroSell’s new Persistent Filtered Search (PFS) is like a store employee who greets you at the front door to point you in the right direction and drops by occasionally to see if you need any help.

PFS builds upon the traditional drill-down navigation by providing additional search choices, called filter attributes, which are relevant and related to the department that your customer selects.  For example, in a beverage store the liquor department can have bottle size attributes while wine has varietal and region.

Sample persistent filtered search attributesPFS incorporates the traditional Department > Category > Subcategory drill-down navigation with several key enhancements:


Filter Attributes and Selected Filters Window

Refined Filters and Results

Refined Filters and Results

Setup is straight-forward and done within WebStore Manager (WSM).

The first step involves NitroScript. If you need help with NitroScript, please submit a support ticket. Two new NitroScript sections have been added; Persistent Filtered Search Panel and Persistent Filtered Search info which creates the “Selected Filters” box at the top of the search results page. Insert code {include:panelPersistentFilteredSearch} below the navigation panel (recommended).

Next you’ll add Filter Groups and Filter Attributes. This drives what is displayed when you select a PFS-enabled department. Here is an example of a Filter Group and Filter Attribute from the webstore page (see example below).

Filter Group and AttributesTo setup “Filter Groups” select the Filtered Search link in the left hand navigation. Click “Add New Groups.”

Add Filter GroupEnter Filter Group name and save.

Filter Group name
Enter Filter Group Attributes and save changes. Note, you can change the order that the attributes appear. Click the attribute, hold the left mouse button and move attribute up or down. Release the mouse button when the attribute is in the desired position.

Filter AttributesNext, assign attributes to products. Use the drop-down menus or keyword search to filter items for this process.

Assign AttributesYou can alter the fields that are displayed in columns, which you may find helpful.

Item Options

Select the items to which the attributes will be applied. You may select items individually by clicking the checkbox or click the checkbox in the header which will select all items. You may assign attributes from multiple Filter Groups at one time.

Apply AttributesWhen complete, confirm the new settings in the Attributes column. If there are multiple attributes assigned to items, they will be displayed accordingly.

Confirm attributesOne last step – you need to assign Departments to Filter Groups. This identifies (1) which Departments are enabled for PFS and (2) which Filter Groups appear when the Department is selected in the webstore. From WebStore Manager, click on “Filtered Search” and scroll down to “Group Assignments.”

Assign Departments

Please note that Persistent Filtered Search is currently in beta. If you would like to nominate your company for participation in the beta program, please submit a support ticket.