Feature Spotlight: Item Availability on the Web

17 July 2009

Providing good quality information on availability makes it more likely that shoppers will buy from your webstore. Fortunately, NitroSell eCommerce provides great flexibility in deciding which information to display. This article gives an overview of how item availability works on the webstore.

Most of these options can be configured by retailers themselves, and knowledge base (KB) articles exist explaining how to do this. A few of the options may require the some input from our customer services team, which is available for a modest fee.

Before getting into how the system copes when an item is not in stock, let’s consider the general display options that are available:

If the webstore quantity falls to 0 or less, the software runs a series of checks to identify what to display. The tests are run in the following sequence.

Check Purchase-Order Records

Check for a release date

Check Lead Time

Final default