Feature Spotlight: Increased Accuracy in WebStore Stock Levels

3 August 2010

We have recently released a couple of improvements that greatly enhance the accuracy of stock levels in both your point-of-sale system and on your webstore. Firstly, we’ve added an option to Sync that reserves quantities of items in unprocessed web orders. It works as follows:

You can find this option in Sync, under File, then Configuration, then Sync Settings:

NSc Sync Inventory Control: Include unprocessed web order items in Quantity Committed

Secondly, for high volume webstores, we’ve added a webstore basket checking feature, which works like this:

This is a critical feature for Retailers who under no circumstances wish to sell products that they don’t have in stock.

* Please note that the basket checking feature is currently only available on the beta version of NitroSell eCommerce. Feel free to open a ticket on the Partner Portal if you would like to expose this functionality on your webstore.