Feature Spotlight: Fractional Product Quantities

1 March 2012

We are pleased to announce that it is now possible to sell items in twelfths, fourteenths, as well as more ordinary halves, quarters and thirds on your NitroSell webstore. For those selling fabric, ribbons or other items that can be subdivided, the store now has built-in fractional quantities.

For those less enthusiastic with imperial measurements, the store also supports decimals. It is now possible to buy 1.2m of an item or 2.5 sq.m. of cloth.

To accompany fractions we have added the display of units of measurement. The RMS UoM field can be passed into your webstore and rendered after the quantity fields. You can measure your items in anything you please, from metres to yards to football fields, though please note that RMS only allows this field to be four characters long.

What it looks like

To demonstrate the new functionality, I have added some ribbons and bows to my store. Click on the images to see them full size.
The left hand image shows the store product page with some black ribbon for sale. The ribbon is sold in ft and can be bought in 1/20th parts of a foot. The fraction can be set to whatever fraction of a foot makes sense for the store.

The image above shows an extract from the basket page. As on the product pages, you can change the amount of a product that you want to purchase. Here it is shown as 1/20 fractions (about 5%) rather than decimals.

When the shopper goes to pay for their purchases, the checkout page (below) shows the amount of product bought in the same manner. In this example the products are in fractions, but they could just as easily be in decimals.

How to implement this goodness

The implementation of these two features couldn’t be simpler. They can be implemented separately or together. The only people who need to be careful are those selling in multiples — i.e., selling items in pairs, tens, or other mutliples — or restricting the amount someone can purchase to the number in stock. These two categories of stores may want to contact the support team to ensure a smooth transition.

The implementation of unit of measure is done by mapping the RMS ‘unitofmeasure’ field to one of the custom text fields using Sync. The store is then sync’d and the appropriate option in WebStore Manager enabled.

The implementation of the fractional quantities requires a PAM column to be set up. I called my new PAM column fractional_quantities.  You then map this to a custom text field using Sync. Don’t use the same field as you used for your units of measure! The store is sync’d and the option in WebStore Manager enabled.

If you require help with either of these two steps, or are uncertain how to map fields in Sync,  please open a ticket on the Partner Portal.

Please note that this feature is in beta. If your store is not on beta, then you will not see the options and will need to request that your store be switched to beta.


Unit of Measure

Fractional Quantities