Feature Spotlight: Enabling Gift Registries and Wish Lists on your NitroSell WebStore

10 September 2010

The Professional Edition of NitroSell eCommerce offers the ability for shoppers to create Gift Registries and Wish Lists. If you are a retailer specializing in Gifts, Home Accessories or, perhaps, a Mother and Baby store it could be that you are missing out by not enabling these very valuable features for your customers.

With the holiday season starting soon, it’s the perfect time to inform customers on how easy it is to manage their purchases by using lists and registries. It also gives you an opportunity to compete with similar services offered by larger retail stores, while retaining your advantage of offering unique, personalized and specialist service to customers.

A Gift Registry enables customers to create gift lists for events such Weddings, Birthdays, or the arrival of a New Baby. The gift list is can be distributed to friends and family, who then can make a selection and purchase the gifts using the webstore. Once an item is purchased, it is marked as ‘fulfilled’ in the registry to ensure the registrants don’t receive duplicates.

A Wish List follows the same concept but is more informal. A customer can identify items for a particular occasion by creating a wish list and adding items using the “Add to my List” button. The list can then be emailed to friends with a link directly to the web store so that purchases can be made.

The difference between the two is that Gift Registries are usually created by customers for a special event to enable groups of people to purchase from it by visiting the webstore.  A Wish List, on the other hand, doesn’t have any event information and is simply a list of products. It could be emailed to others for them to purchase, but it could equally be used only by the person who created to, for example, list items they wish to buy for themselves.

Here’s an example of how one of our retailers has configured the Gift Registry on their own site.

A registry tab is usually created to provide shoppers an area to access general information on the Gift Registry

Gift registries and lists enable the Registrant to:

NitroSell Gift Registry and Gift Lists allow a Shopper to:

NitroSell Gift Registry and Gift Lists allow the Retail Owner to:

Creating a Registry

It’s easy for New Customers to set up a registry. Firstly, the customer is required to register a new account or login. The customer is then prompted to create a registry or list and to ‘add’ items to their newly created registry. From here, they will ‘shop’ the store adding items & quantities to the selected list.  To assist registrants in writing ‘thank you’ notes to those who have purchased from the registry, a ‘thank you report’ of registry activity, sorted by purchaser, is available.

A list of names and items purchased is also available for the registrant in-store, which can be generated and printed by the store staff from the WebStore Manager.

Shoppers who are looking to purchase from an existing registry may search the store’s registry list. The shopper can then select the registry desired and have access to purchase any of the products listed and then proceed thru checkout as normal. The registry is automatically updated with the items purchased, and the ‘quantity desired’ for the given items in the registry are reduced after the purchase.  An item is designated ‘Fulfilled’ if all quantities requested have been purchased.

All account customers can login to see the options listed below and have the ability to manage these sections. For a registry they can add products to the basket and are then provided a button which prompts them to  ‘move to  registry’, if they choose, updating their current registry.  They can also delete any open registry or list.

Don’t forget, once you have enabled Gift Registries and Lists on your Web Store your customers will need some instructions on how to use the functionality so be sure to make this clear within your site. A specific information tab with step by step instructions will give customers the confidence to try it out.