Feature Spotlight: Customizable RSS Feeds

29 April 2011

In December, we introduced you to the built-in RSS feeds in NitroSell eCommerce. We’re pleased to announce that we have just released an update to the beta version that both improves the existing feed template and enables you to customize it to suits your needs.

From a shopper’s perpective, the biggest change is that we’ve included more comprehensive item data in the RSS feeds for new, promotional and special offer items. Adding one of these to an RSS feed reader such as iGoogle or Google Reader illustrates the improvements. Below we see a product from a special offer feed that’s been added to iGoogle.

By default, it now displays the product’s thumbnail image, the extended description, as well as pricing and availability information. It will also show strikethrough pricing, emphasizing reduced prices and the savings available for items on sale.

NitroSell eCommerce RSS Feed on iGoogle Showing Discounted Item

Clicking on either the product name or the availability information in the RSS feed will bring the user directly to the item the shopping cart, enabling them to buy quickly and easily.

More advanced users can edit both the layout and the item data that appears in the feed using NitroSell’s eCommerce scripting language, NitroScript. The new template is available on the WebStore Manager under Edit WebStore Layout, then RSS Feed.

If you’re not comfortable modifying the feed yourself, NitroSell’s services team would be more than happy to assist.

Syndicating content through RSS feeds is a powerful way of promoting products and driving traffic to your shopping cart. We hope find these latest enhancements valuable and beneficial to your retail business!