Feature Spotlight: Content Delivery Network

16 September 2009

NitroSell’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) consists of three tiers, with multiple redundancies in each tier:

  1. The origin servers facilitate synchronizations, the provisioning of the dynamic data associated with your store – such as product and customer data – as well as secure transactions, and configuration details;
  2. The storage servers cache the static content that is synchronized with your webstore, such as media – product images, etc. – and files like PDF documents, CSS stylesheets and client-side scripts;
  3. Edge servers deliver the static content to your shoppers from the server geographically closest to your end users, using the data on the storage servers.

cdn-blog of your store, with workloads continually load-balanced between them to ensure maximum performance and responsiveness;

  • Origin servers are networked in secure, private local area networks (LANs), in a PCI-DSS-compliant environment, with all external traffic filtered through dedicated Cisco (hardware) firewalls, which are in turn fronted by enterprise-level Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS).
  • Storage Servers:

    Edge Servers:

    Since NitroSell manages your entire e-commerce solution, concerns about the availability, reliability and performance of your webstore are worries of the past.