Feature Spotlight: Canada Post Shipping Module

11 December 2009

Recently, we released a Canada Post shipping integration module to the Beta and Early Adopters’ versions of NitroSell e-Commerce. If your webstore is currently on this version, you can access the new module using from the Shipping & Taxes section on your WebStore Manager (WSM). Detailed configuration instructions and support can be found in KB article #486 (Configuring Canada Post Shipping Options). Using your personal Canada Post / Sell Online merchant dashboard you can configure options such as:

It is assumed that you already have a Canada Post merchant profile, so, before using the Canada Post shipping module, you will need to enter your Canada Post Merchant ID as detailed in KB article #131 (Configuring Shipping Options). As with our other shipping integrations, Canada Post requires that you first set up the various shipping services in RMS and synchronize those to your store, of which the following are supported:

Within Canada:

From Canada to the US:

From Canada to Worldwide:

If you are a Canadian merchant and would like to move your store to the Beta or Early Adopters’ versions to access this new feature, please feel free open a support request on the Partner Portal. We look forward to your feedback!

<SERVICE CODE=”1010″ NAME=”(Domestic) Regular Parcel”/>
<SERVICE CODE=”1020″ NAME=”(Domestic) Expedited Parcel”/>
<SERVICE CODE=”1030″ NAME=”(Domestic) Xpresspost”/>
<SERVICE CODE=”1040″ NAME=”(Domestic) Priority Courier”/>
<!– From Canada to the US –>
<SERVICE CODE=”2005″ NAME=”(To US) Small Packet-USA Surface”/>
<SERVICE CODE=”2015″ NAME=”(To US) Small Packet-USA Air”/>
<SERVICE CODE=”2020″ NAME=”(To US) Expedited Parcel-USA”/>
<SERVICE CODE=”2025″ NAME=”(To US) Commercial Expedited Parcel-USA”/>
<SERVICE CODE=”2030″ NAME=”(To US) Xpresspost USA”/>
<SERVICE CODE=”2040″ NAME=”(To US) Priority Worldwide USA”/>
<!– From Canada to Worldwide –>
<SERVICE CODE=”3005″ NAME=”(Worldwide) Small Packet International-Surface”/>
<SERVICE CODE=”3010″ NAME=”(Worldwide) International Parcel-Surface”/>
<SERVICE CODE=”3015″ NAME=”(Worldwide) Small Packet International-Air”/>
<SERVICE CODE=”3020″ NAME=”(Worldwide) International Parcel-Air  “/>
<SERVICE CODE=”3025″ NAME=”(Worldwide) Xpresspost-International”/>
<SERVICE CODE=”3040” NAME=”(Worldwide) Priority Worldwide”/>