Back-In-Stock Notification Emails

3 April 2012

We are pleased that the webstore now supports back-in-stock notification emails. When enabled, a new button is displayed on product pages allowing shoppers to request notification when an out-of-stock product comes back into stock. By default, it is located under the availability messaging but can be moved and personalised using NitroScript.

When the product comes back into stock and you synchronize your Microsoft Dynamics RMS Point-of-Sale with your webstore, an email is automatically sent to any customers that have requested notification. The template for the email can be edited through the Webstore Manager->Emails->Back in Stock Notification Email.

Implementing this new feature couldn’t be easier.  Open your WebStore Manager and navigate to Configuration (left-hand menu)->WebStore (left-hand menu)->Product (tab)->Managing stock Availability. Open the option and select the checkbox. The default field that stock is stored in is selected by default. If you want to use another field, select it from the drop-down box and click Save.

This functionality is only available on the beta version of the store. If you would like to use this new feature, please open a ticket with our support team, who will be happy to assist you in getting your store moved to beta.