Feature Spotlight: Assigning Products to Multiple Departments and Categories

3 October 2011

The problem

Ever had a product that needs to go into several categories? In RMS products belong to one department and one category. In your physical store you get around this by grouping items that make sense together, even when this sometimes places items outside their natural department. Now you can do the same on your webstore and increase the chances of a shopper finding something they want to buy.

An example

Say you sell wine and have a few cases of sweet Gewürztraminer. You have it stored in RMS and on your shelves as a white wine but probably have a bottle or two on your dessert wine shelf. Now you can do the same on your webstore using NSc PAM.

The solution

The sharp-eyed among you will have noticed a slight alteration in the newest release of PAM (v2.0.0.33). Under the Tools menu is a new item called Item Navigation Assignment. Opening this gives you a new window with a familiar list of all products you have stored in your RMS database.
Above this list are several buttons that will help you increase product visibility inside your store.
  • Firstly there are two filter buttons to help you sort databases with large numbers of products.
  • Secondly is a Nav Structure button that opens a new window showing showing your departments and categories (image to the right).
  • Thirdly and lastly is a department dropdown menu. This is where the magic happens!

How to do it

First, using the dropdown menus, select a destination department and category we want to add items to (1). Then, add new products to that department from the list of products on the left (2). To make selection easier, you can use filters to refine the product list. The changes you make are committed automatically. Clicking the close button (3) in the lower right hand corner returns you to the standard PAM listing.

Changing your mind

If you change your mind, it is possible to remove these extra assignments using the same process. To maintain the integrity of your RMS database, it is not possible to remove items from their original RMS departments and categories.
After you have re-organized products to your satisfaction, synchronize in NSc Sync and your webstore will reflect the changes you have made!

We’re here to help

To assign products to multiple departments and categories, you will need to ensure your Webstore is on the beta release and you are using NSc PAM v2.0.0.33, you can check which version of PAM you are using by going to the PAM Help menu and selecting the About option. If you need to upgrade your PAM, please browse to the downloads section on the Partner Portal and download and install the edition appropriate to your webstore.
Should you have any questions, or if you need help in ensuring you have the latest on-premise software, or want to have your webstore moved to the beta version in order to avail of this feature, please open a ticket on the Partner Portal.