Feature Spotlight: AlertPay Payment Gateway Integration

27 September 2011

NitroSell E-Commerce already supports many payment gateways, from Realex to PayPal, they all have their advantages, disadvantages and costs. Each gateway covers certain geographic areas and deals with certain currencies. For those outside the areas covered by the main payment gateways and for those looking for an alternative to PayPal, we have introduced support for a new gateway called AlertPay.

Who are AlertPay?

They are a Canadian company based out of Montreal providing a service similar to PayPal but with a wider reach of countries and currencies. If you have a payment gateway already that serves your needs then this article isn’t for you. If you are thinking of opening a store in a country that hasn’t heretofor been covered by one of our existing gateways then you might look here and check if the country you are interested in setting up in is covered by AlertPay.

How it works

Note that, like PayPal, this service requires clients to set up third-party accounts which they charge up using various methods (Credit card, bank draft, etc). When the client presses the Pay Now button in the WebStore check-out, they are re-directed to the AlertPay website where they complete their transaction. AlertPay then inform the store how much money has been transfered to the store’s AlertPay account allowing the product to be shipped.

How to start using AlertPay

We hope that the addition of this Payment Gateway gives new options to enterprising store owners! If you are interested in using this payment gateway then please read up about AlertPay before opening an account here then contacting the support team by opening a ticket on the Partner Portal.