FAQ: Order History Status Updates

14 September 2009

If your customers report that the webstore order history shows an order that has been fulfilled – through Microsoft RMS POS – as having the  “processing” status, it likely means that NSc Mail isn’t running, or wasn’t set up in the first place.

For the order history to function correctly, you need to keep NSc Mail running at all times: NSc Mail is what updates the statuses of web orders. The status is changed to “shipped” once the order is processed through the POS.

You may download the latest version of our software here, which includes NSc Mail in the installer. Only NSc Mail should be installed, on the same server/PC as that running Sync and, preferably, your RMS database.

Further Information on NSc Mail is available in the following Knowledge Base articles:

KB Article 34: “Introduction to NSc Mail
KB Article 36: “Using and Customizing NSc Mail E-Mail Templates
KB Article 373: “Sending E-Mail Updates to Ordering Customers