FAQ: Delayed Capture with Offline Settlement

11 November 2009

If your payment gateway supports it, delayed capture allows for transactions to be authorized on your shoppers’ cards without immediately settling the funds. The advantages of using it include:

Offline Settlement in RMS

NitroSell eCommerce semi-automates the settlement process. With offline settlement you avoid the need of logging into your payment gateway portal, or otherwise contacting your payment gateway,  to capture funds.

At the point of processing the transaction in Microsoft RMS, a connection is made via the webstore to your payment gateway. The webstore requests the payment gateway settles the funds, and sends the result back to the tender process in RMS.

As each transaction has a unique identifier, customer credit card details, or other personally identifiable customer information are not transmitted. It is a secure and convenient means of settling delayed capture funds directly from RMS.

Some payment gateways provide a partial settlement function. This is most useful in cases where, for example, you have a an order that contains an item that is low in stock. With partial offline settlement you have the option to capture just those funds required to process the items currently in stock, and set aside the remainder of the order. Once stock levels have been replenished the order can be fulfilled, allowing you to capture the funds for the outstanding item and complete the order.

If your chosen payment gateway does not provide delayed capture or offline settlement capabilities, please feel free to open a ticket on our Partner Portal, where we will be happy to discuss your payment gateway configuration options with you.