How much money is your business leaving on the table?

Do you run an online store? Do you want more traffic and sales? The E-commerce Marketing Checklist will help you increase online sales by optimizing your online business.

What is the E-commerce Marketing Checklist?

Hi – I’m Cillian, the Marketing Manager at WebSell. Our marketing services team at WebSell has helped businesses across the world grow their sales by optimizing the fundamentals of their digital marketing.

WebSell is an e-commerce platform at heart, but we also use our expertise in e-commerce marketing to help our customers get their online stores converting more.

That’s why we’ve created the E-commerce Marketing Checklist.

With the E-commerce Marketing Checklist, you’ll get a full analysis of your business’ current marketing activities and suggestions for how to improve or get started.

The checklist covers 5 distinct areas of marketing that every business needs to have a strategy for: Website, Email, SEO, Paid Search, and Social Media.


You can find out exactly where you need to focus and what you need to do to increase sales.

The checklist will be fully tailored to your store and show you what you need to do to improve traffic and sales numbers.

It’s fully interactive and you can mark items as completed as you move through the checklist.

Covering all the major areas of digital marketing for an e-commerce business and containing both quick-wins and longer term tasks, the list is comprehensive and will be useful for everyone in your business.

Who is the E-commerce Marketing Checklist for?

If you manage an online business and you want to get more returns from your store, then the checklist is for you.

It doesn’t matter what platform you use or what tools you use, the WebSell team will analyze your store’s digital marketing profile and assess real areas for improvement that will get your more traffic and sales.

From organic areas like SEO and email marketing to paid activities like PPC, we’ll analyze your entire marketing stack.

Preview of the checklist


E-commerce Marketing Checklist


Get a definitive checklist that will cover:

Website Marketing
Email Marketing
Paid Search
Social Media

You’ll get a fully interactive checklist that analyzes and assesses your store’s digital marketing profile and gives recommendations for how to make more money from your online store.

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