Feature Spotlight: Drive Customer Loyalty with Built-In RSS – Really Simple Says It All!

6 December 2010

Have you ever seen the mysterious orange icons in the product panels and pledge, “someday I’m going to figure out what that is”?

This icon drives a valuable customer-communication tool that’s built into NitroSell eCommerce called RSS (Really Simple Syndication). Unlike newsletters where some degree of effort and cost is entailed to create a newsletter and e-mail to your customers, RSS sends product notifications to your customers automatically and at no cost to you. Simply assign items to the appropriate product panel with NitroSell Product Attribute Manager (PAM). For example, if you make weekly changes to your promotion panel your customers will receive these updates every week to their designated reader (e-mail client, Google Reader, etc).

Let’s take a look at how this works.

Reading from E-Mail

Your customers subscribe to New Releases by clicking the orange icon from one of the product panels from your NitroSell webstore; i.e. new releases, promotions, pre-orders etc. In this example, they’ll click the RSS icon in New Releases panel.

They specify “XML” to read the feed in their e-mail.

Next, they specify which e-mail application they’re using. For example, Outlook users specify “Outlook” and click “Yes” when asked to confirm.

Upon confirmation, a RSS Feed > New Release folder will be created and articles downloaded to their inbox. All future new releases will automatically be downloaded to their Inbox’s RSS Feeds folder.

When they want to see more information about the product, they simply click on the View Article link and effortlessly connect to the product page on your NitroSell webstore.

Reading from Browser Application

If your customers wish to read the product notification from a web browser application such as Google Reader, they’ll follow a similar process.

Specify “Google” to read the notification in Google Reader. Click on the word Google.

If they’re logged in to Google Reader, they’ll be asked to subscribe to the feed.

After subscribing, the notifications will be downloaded to Google Reader providing the ability to view the product description and click through to the product page as well as other options their browser application may offer such as social networking.

Be sure to encourage your customers to subscribe to RSS feeds so they can take advantage of this powerful customer-connection tool! Feel free to put a link on your webpage to this blog article.

Good selling!