Customer Review Request Email

20 April 2012

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Do you find your store is getting few reviews? Do customers buy, checkout and run? The webstore now has a feature that e-mails customers asking them to fill out reviews of items they have bought. As a nice aside, they are back in your web store and might be tempted by more offerings!

The option takes the form of an e-mail that is automatically sent to your customers after a configurable, set delay from the date of their purchase. Like all other e-mails issued by NitroSell web stores, you can either use the standard template or customize it using NitroScript.

To enable the option, open your WebStore Manager and select Customer Reviews from the left hand menu. To proceed, you will need to enable reviews. If this is new for you have a look here in the Knowledge Base. If reviews are already on, you will be offered the opportunity to enable the review request e-mails. A pop-up will prompt you for how much of a delay you want before the e-mail is sent. If you’re happy with the standard layout, then you’re ready to go.

image of WebStore manager

Switching on option

If you want to customize the email that gets sent out, you will find it under Make Changes >Edit WebStore Layout > Emails > Review Request Email.

This functionality is only available on the beta version of the store. If you would like to use this feature, please open a ticket with our support team, who will be happy to assist you in getting your store moved to beta.