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eCommerce • 11 March 2021

4 Key Reasons Why Your E-commerce Site Needs a Blog

Pretty much every business needs a web presence in 2020. This much we know. But what many don’t know is that having a blog can hugely improve traffic and sales. Blogging plays a role in the customer’s buying journey.

Customer Experience • 18 February 2021

How to Increase Your Store’s Average Order Value

Average Order Value (AOV) is the average amount spent by customers on each online purchase made on your webstore. The value of the average basket is usually calculated using this formula: Total revenue before taxes and shipping / number of orders placed = average basket value.

eCommerce • 14 January 2021

The Future of E-commerce: 7 Trends for 2021

2020 might be a year many want to forget, but for online retail, it was a turning point. Last year’s events forced e-commerce into the forefront of the retail world. Businesses moved to an online-first sales model as brick-and-mortar stores closed.

eCommerce • 7 December 2020

What to Expect from Google’s 2021 Page Experience Update

Get ready. It’s time for another search algorithm update from Google. This one’s unique though, as Google is giving us advanced notice for their upcoming update. It’s going to roll out in May 2021 and the key focus of the update is all about Page Experience.

eCommerce • 10 November 2020

How to Optimize After-sales Service for eCommerce

Getting sales through your site is the first and most important obstacle. Having a product that appeals to customers, presenting the products in an appealing way, and creating an effective marketing strategy are the key pillars. However, you always need to be ready to handle product returns.