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Design • 14 May 2020

How Accessibility Can Enable Great Website Experiences

In the digital age, technology is changing the way we live. To build an application that can be used by everyone, a lot of effort is required. 15% of the world’s total population lives with some form of disability, according to the WHO (World Health Organization).

Customer Experience • 7 May 2020

Boosting Digital CX: Here’s Why It Matters

What separates leading businesses from the rest of their industry? The division between a sustainable business and a failed business is increasingly drawn at customer experience—or the impact your company leaves on your customers at every step in their purchase pathway.

Design • 17 February 2020

How Good Photography Can Improve Sales

Have you ever realized the importance that photography has on your conversation rate and final sales? The content and product descriptions on your website remain crucial, but having unique and quality visuals to represent your stock also plays a vital role in turning visitors into customers.