14 Tactics for Boosting Sales This Holiday Season

16 October 2019 • 8 min read

The holiday season is typically the most hectic time for online retail. It can often make or break a good year for any business. With this seasonal increase in traffic comes the biggest opportunity to increase sales. Capitalizing on this new traffic and ensuring you are doing everything you can to capture a sale is vital to maximize success at this time of year.

So, what can you do to ensure you capture that sale? Well, there’s a lot. Keep reading to hear 14 of our favourite holiday season tactics to boost online sales.

1. Create holiday-specific landing pages

Create landing pages that are specifically designed to entice site visitors to make a purchase from your website. If you are running any kind of paid ads to bring traffic to your store, then you need to create landing pages that are contextually aligned to the reason that customers found your site – i.e. the keyword.

Around the holiday season, you may be driving extra traffic due to a special holiday season sale you are promoting or a similar seasonal offer. Your landing page should make sure your customers are fully aware of this offer and how they can avail of it. Your key messaging should stress the time-sensitive nature of the offer and feature a clear path to making a purchase with a clearly labeled Call-to-Action (CTA).

2. Publish (and promote) a holiday gift guide

A digital holiday gift guide can be one of the most effective tools in your digital marketing shed during the holidays. However, a gift guide is more than just a list of products in a catalog, it has to be carefully crafted and promoted.

You holiday gift guide should be as data-driven as possible, with your top sellers featuring in a specific section dedicated to your most popular products. Consumer and market trends should also inspire your gift guide, so make yourself aware of what activities or styles are trending amongst your target audience and try to capitalize on them.

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3. Create competitions on social media to engage customers

Running competitions on social media is always a great way to keep your customers engaged around the holiday season and can help to convert both online and offline traffic. Simple ideas like running a small-item giveaway where the winner has to collect in-store can be a great way to win over a customer and get them to your store. This can also be used as an online to offline conversion, which we’ll discuss later.

4. Run Paid Search ads targeting holiday season traffic

Impulse buys and product searches are at their highest during the holiday season. Giving your PPC campaigns some extra attention during this time can have a big impact on your website traffic. Incorporating holiday season language and keywords into your campaigns can bring you some extra traffic that has real value.

The key trend to recognize around this time of year is the increase in the value of traffic around this time as people searching during the holiday season have real purchase intent behind their browsing and searches, so it’s traffic worth buying.

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5. Re-target holiday season offers to your website visitors

Visitors to your site may have landed on a specific product page or category in their search, so they might not always be aware of any seasonal offers or special discounts you are advertising on your home page. Retargeting to visitors that have already been on your website with messaging around your holiday sales can entice visitors back to you site and turn them into paying customers.

6. Ensure your website is mobile-optimized

Over the busy holiday season, customers are shopping online through a variety of different devices. Mobile currently accounts for almost half of the world’s web traffic so if your site doesn’t function well on mobile devices, you’re effectively fighting with one hand tied behind your back.

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7. Make your most popular items are easy to find

It almost goes without saying, but you need to make sure your most popular items for sale are always easy to find. During the holiday season you will attract a lot of new traffic who have never been on your website before so making your top sellers easy to find will have a positive impact on your overall revenue.

8. Always be aware of your inventory

When promoting a seasonal offer, you should be fully aware of the level of stock you have in-store so that you can meet customer expectations. Selling out of stock isn’t ideal during the holiday season, but if you do sell out, read our guide to figure out how you can profit from product sell-outs.

9. Create a strong customer loyalty program

Most online retailers will agree that customers acquired during the holiday season have a lower lifetime value than than those acquired at any other time of the year. With that in mind, it’s essential that you try and turn these one-hit customers into brand advocates.

Offering a strong customer loyalty program can help you retain customers during a time where competition is high. According to recent research, customers that redeem loyalty points for their purchase spend 2.5 times more than non-members. Building a good loyalty rewards email marketing system can be very effective in ensuring your customers are always aware of the benefits of their membership.

10. Focus on great customer service

Today’s customers expect answers to their questions immediately, and on whatever channel they prefer to communicate via, whether it be website, email, phone, or social media.

Having multiple channels for customers to communicate with your customer service team is crucial around the holiday season as customers will want to be able to contact you no matter what channel they are using. Ensuring that your website has a live chat feature enabled is the first step in letting your customers know that you can handle their queries in a timely manner. NitroSell recommends Chatify, which is supported by all our webstores.

11. Make sure you have reviews available for your products and business

Product reviews should be considered a vital element in your webstore’s branding and online presence. Reviews help build trust and loyalty in your brand and set your stock apart from the competition. Incentivizing your customers with extra reward points or special offers can encourage your customers to write reviews.

It’s proven that customers look up reviews of businesses before visiting them too, with 86% of customers saying they read a review before making a decision.

12. Personalize the online shopping experience

You’re collecting a huge amount of data from your customers every time they interact with your site. Using this information to market to your audience can help to personalize the shopping experience which can lead to more sales over the holiday season.

Different pages on your website can show different information depending on how a user has shopped on your site in the past. Using a website tracking tool like Hotjar can help you to understand the online customer journey and spot ways for you to keep your customers on your site. Spotting the points on your page where customers fail to scroll or drop-off can be key to making useful and personalized improvements to your site.

13. Understand online to offline sales

Around two-thirds of purchases during the holiday season are done in physical stores so it’s crucial to understand your online to offline conversions. There’s also a strong argument to be made for focusing a holiday season marketing campaign around online to offline sales.

A key tactic that many retailers are adopting is the “Buy Online & Pick Up In-Store” feature which drives conversions for a website, but also brings in-store traffic and footfall.

14. Optimize your SEO for holiday-specific keywords

Holiday season keywords bring in a huge amount of traffic over this period, with customers searching for holiday deals and special offers. Optimizing your SEO to get some of this traffic doesn’t have to be a big task though. Simply changing your pages’ meta description and URLs to feature some holiday-specific keywords can pay dividends for your traffic and conversion rates.

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The holiday season can make or break a successful year in retail. However, with the above tactics, you can give yourself the best chance to end the year on a high. While the above tactics are optimized around the holiday season, they are tactics remain true all year round and can be used at any time of the year to bring in whatever type of customers you need.