Automated Delayed Settlement with Authorize.net

22 March 2012

NitroSell is pleased to announce a further development of its support for the Authorize.net payment gateway. If you are using delayed capture with Authorize.net you have until now had to use their web interface to manually settle transactions. Now this can be done automatically from inside your Microsoft Dynamics RMS Point-of-Sale.

When you go to tender a web order with Get Web Orders, you will see the usual Tender window. On clicking the OK button a pop-up window will appear. This indicates that the webstore is in the process of capturing the funds previously authorized on the shopper’s card. When the webstore has finished communicating with Authorize.net it will display a message indicating the result of the capture.
Authorize.net allows you to settle transactions for any amount less than or equal to the original authorized amount. Therefore, if an item in the order cannot be fulfilled, the total for the transaction can be reduced at the POS and that revised total is then captured.

This functionality is only available on the beta version of the store. If you would like to use this new feature, please open a ticket with our support team, who will be happy to assist you in getting your store upgraded to beta.