Announcing NitroSell Best Practices Guide

22 March 2011

As more retailers are choosing NitroSell as their preferred eCommerce provider, many are regularly reviewing their webstore’s performance with a view to selling even more. The question we are frequently being asked is, “How do I stay on top and make sure my WebStore is optimized for more sales?”

The answer to the question rarely covers just one aspect of the site as all areas of your web store and the way the site has been set up need to be considered. Optimizing every part of your site may sound like a lot of work but it does not have to be a daunting or complicated task.

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We have put together a new Best Practices guide which covers all the main areas you need to focus on to make the most of your webstore and properly utilize NitroSell eCommerce’s many business-building and search optimization features. The guide is easy to follow and written in a non-technical way with many illustrations. Access to technical documentation is provided throughout the guide by links to applicable Knowledge Base and NitroSell blog articles.

Below is a brief introduction to each section:

Web Design:  First impressions count, so getting your web design right is essential. Even a good design should be reviewed and refreshed now and again. Read this section for tips on what customers are looking for when they browse your online store.

Optimizing Item Setup in RMS for a NitroSell WebStore: The starting point for any NitroSell WebStore is configuring your existing products within your RMS or POS 2009 database. It pays to make sure your products are properly populated with the specific RMS fields.  This section explains all the RMS fields that are relevant to NitroSell and how to optimize them.

Enhancing Items for the Web with Product Attribute Manager (PAM): Are you getting the most from PAM? Do you fully understand how it can work for you and save you time? This section explains the many ways that the PAM can be used to enhance your web store plus many more handy tips and advice.

E-mail Marketing to Customer Base: Most of our successful retailers market to their current customer base with emails and newsletters on a regular basis using NitroSell’s built-in integration to Constant Contact and MailChimp. This section includes advice on how to get started and suggestions for newsletter articles.

Using AdWords: If you have never considered an AdWords marketing campaign this section will give you a good introduction and explains how investing in AdWords can significantly drive more visitors to your web store.

Cross Marketing, Social Media and Creating a Blog: Creating a brand identity within your physical shop and web store are often key drivers to improving sales performance. The importance of defining your business, reaching out to your customers tying it all in to your NitroSell WebStore is covered in this section. There’s also information on using social media and Blogs to enhance your business by creating a “community” atmosphere to your business.

We hope you enjoy reading our Best Practices Guide and benefit from the tips and suggestions we have made. This guide is not only for established customers – it will be invaluable to retailers new to NitroSell and partners who are looking to brush up their skills.

The document can be downloaded from the NitroSell Partner Portal and will require valid login credentials. To download, click here and follow the link or navigate to NitroSell Partner Portal > Resources > Training Material > Best Practices Guide V1.0.